Covid19 Did NOT Stop Karen & Pauls Wedding

Karen & Paul's Wedding Experience during the Covid19 pandemic

Hell nor high water was never going to stop this perfect pair getting married ....

Photographer: Paul Conor Photography

Karen & Paul originally planned and booked their wedding for the 22nd of October 2020.

They spent from March to October watching the news and keeping a close eye on any updates regarding weddings, it was very stressful to them the closer they got to their wedding date, but we were hoping for some light at the end of the tunnel.

Initially they stuck to their original date as they just wanted to be married , at the end of the day they felt changing their date may not of even made a difference as so much was unknown.

Weeks before their wedding the government introduced a county-by-county level of lock down. They live in Louth and the numbers were low, so they were in level 2.

Over time the numbers of cases in Louth increased and they were moved to level 3 one week before the wedding which meant they could only have 25 guests at the wedding.

At that time the government said they would introduce level 3 for three weeks to help reduce numbers. They decided to postpone for a few weeks to see would they come out of level 3.

The next date available with their venue (Darver Castle) was the 5th of November 2020

2 weeks after their original date.

Photographer: Paul Conor Photography

They thought at least this would give them the chance of coming out of level 3.

Two weeks later they were moved to level 5.

When they were moved to level 5 there was a slight panic as they then thought they would be reduced to 6 guests, but thankfully weddings were allowed remain at 25 guests.

Karen & Paul decided to go ahead with their plans and get married on the 5th of November with the new reduced 25 guests.

So, for the two weeks before the wedding it was full steam ahead, they had to cancel their band but instead booked a DJ as they were not allowed live music. Other than that, everything remained the same apart from the number of guests.

Karen & Paul had Their wedding on the 5th of November and everything went perfect.

They had 25 of their nearest and dearest and had such a great day. They got married in Gerard’s Church in Drogheda and had their reception in Darver Castle in Louth.

Darver Castle - Photographer - Unknown

The ceremony was a civil ceremony, and it was lovely.
we then went on to Darver Castle for the reception. they were welcomed by the team at Darver and they could not do enough for them all day. It was exactly like a normal wedding except with smaller numbers. In fact, we think having smaller numbers added to the day because everyone mingled with each other and got to know each other.

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Although there were people who couldn’t be there that we would have loved to have there our best man got people to send video messages which he had played at the reception on a big screen and that was amazing all the well wishes we received made our day even more meaningful and special. We always said we would have a second wedding in 2021 to have more people there however having had such a wonderful day we do not feel we missed out on anything and we don’t feel we would achieve the atmosphere or excitement we did a second time.

Photographer: Paul Conor Photography

Throughout the whole experience of planning a covid wedding the suppliers we had chosen were nothing but supportive, they were all so professional as well as being compassionate and understanding about the strains covid put on our wedding. Even though wedding supplies were hugely affected by covid and were getting cancelations left right and center they all maintained their professionalism and were of great support to us.

Photographer: Paul Conor Photography

Any Brides and grooms considering going ahead with a smaller wedding we would highly recommend it. We found a smaller wedding to be more intimate, more romantic, and more relaxed. We had loads of time for our guests and had time to enjoy the day ourselves without having to worry about the guests. The feedback from our guests was that the day was fantastic and the fact it was smaller made the wedding as all the guests got to mingle with each other and a lot of fun was had.

The suppliers they worked with were.

Venue: Darver Castle

Church: Gerard’s Church Drogheda

Celebrant: Mike Murray

Church music: Annie Powderly

Reception Music: Declan Garry

Reception DJ: Alan Foran (Long Time Coming)

Photographer: Paul Conor Photography

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